Yesterday on a beautiful day out in Johannesburg, I spent the day with my favourite personal-care company, Beiersdorf – learning all about some of their brands, Eucerin and of course NIVEA.

What is Beiersdorf? Beiersdorf is a German personal-care company which manufactures personal-care products and pressure-sensitive adhesives. Founded in 1882 by pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf, who registers a patent for the “production of coated bandages.” Carl Paul later sold the company to Dr. Oscar Troplowitz who left the name Beiersdorf unchanged. Beiersdorf now stands with 5 brands namely; NIVEA, NIVEA Men, Eucerin, Elastoplast and Labello.

Beiersdorf gave us a “Skincare Academy” experience, hence they called us the Class of 2016. We graduated with advanced theoretical and practical expertise in Anti-aging, facial-oils & serums and facial cleansing. I am standing with a diploma and masters in those fields and I am addressing you as the Class President of 2016.

The first part of the day was about their brand, Eucerin. This is brand that I know about but I have never used it, so I was very attentive when they spoke about some of products. Eucerin is one of the world’s leading derma-cosmetics brands and the range of products offers individual solutions for all types skin problems. If you’re a Team Eucerin, there are some really amazing stuff coming in 2017!

The second part of the day was about NIVEA! I was definitely excited about this part of the day. NIVEA is one of the largest skin care brands in the world, it stands for closeness, trust and effective skin care products for all skin types – most reliable for than 100 years. We had a great and informative Facial Cleansing practical and moved onto some exciting news that will be coming 2017!

As the unspoken 2016 Class President, I will be sharing more of my favourite Beiersdorf products and all the knowledge that I have gathered from the dermatologists we met yesterday as well as my experiences.


Images by Mike Turner Photography

2016 Class President

2016 Class President

JHB Class of 2016

JHB Class of 2016



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  1. Lesego says:

    You go girl.

  2. Gapi says:

    Please keep informing us president. # TeamBeirsdorp

  3. Christina Masimula says:

    Well done angel

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