Father’s Day can leave children and wives scrambling for the perfect gift at the last minute. Dad’s often end up with another ‘World’s Best Dad’ Mug or another tie that they don’t really like but appreciate anyway. So why not try something different this year and give Dad the best that NIVEA MEN has to offer!

A gift filled with grooming products wouldn’t be the first option when picking up something for Father’s Day, it certainly wasn’t mine until I realised how much time my Dad spends keeping his skin in prime condition – especially in the winter season. When NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid revealed their top choices for all-round self-care, I knew this was the perfect gift for my dad and I shared this gift with him ahead of Father’s Day so he can let us know if this is truly the best gift.

The first step to a healthy skin starts in the shower, this is where you allow all dirt and body oils to be easily removed so a good shower is truly important and with the help of the new NIVEA MEN Active Clean Shower Gel 3-in- 1 for body, face and hair you should leave the shower feeling nothing short of clean and fresh – “revitalised and cared for” as my dad would say.

I don’t know about you but my dad has quite a lot to say when it comes to caring for his skin, he knows what his skin needs and when – and like me, he puts in extra effort to caring for his skin during winter. Since Father’s Day falls in the winter time, adding a dry skin combating product is only right, so in hopes of giving Dad the best gift, we’re adding the refreshing Cool Kick Body Lotion and the protector against all elements – NIVEA MEN Face Creme. “If you use NIVEA MEN you know one body lotion goes a long way, it is long lasting. You are guaranteed to be smelling fresh, feeling energised and extremely moisturised” my Dad adds. While the Cool Kick Body Lotion leaves a long lasting cooling effect for your body, NIVEA MEN Face Creme takes care of your face. It’s light, fast absorbing and non-greasy.

The last piece to the perfect grooming gift is a 48 hour confidence booster. It wouldn’t be the best of NIVEA MEN if a roll-on or aerosol was not part of the mix. “It protects you against any sweat and leaves a long lasting Musk scent” – the NIVEA MEN Fresh Musk Deodorant Roll-On is the final piece to the puzzle that is ‘finding a gift for Father’s Day.’

After seeing how much my dad enjoyed this gift, I thought I can help you make Father’s Day extra special this year by giving away this NIVEA MEN hamper to one lucky winner. All you have to do is comment below with what you’re planning for Father’s Day.

In collaboration with NIVEA MEN

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4 responses to “FATHER’S DAY WITH NIVEA MEN”

  1. Duduzile says:

    Well this is the last Fathers Day my sister’s are spending with our father. My father starts a new journey in a completely different country. What my sister’s and I have planned is to maybe have a lunch with my dad where we get to celebrate him and his achievements before he leaves us. My little sister really loves making so that will be here task (bearing in mind she’s 8 years old so it could get a little messy) . We would really like to win this prize as it would add such a lovely surprise for him to also take away with him and its a constant reminder that we gave it to him with love from his daughter’s.

  2. Refiloe says:

    Definitely planning to take him to his favourite jazz bistro for breakfast, followed my an exclusive car showcase and to round it off a hearty home cooked meal for dinner… with his fave Malva pudding dessert. The Nivea gift set would be the perfect cherry on top for the man who’s shown me how I deserve to be treated. My personal superhero.

  3. Kristen says:

    Another tie
    I’ve run out of ideas really

  4. Ofentse says:

    My grandfather has been more of a father to me than my real dad (whom I don’t know).. So for fathers day me and my little sisters are going to make him a frame with a picture of all of us in it for his night stand

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