A fresh new look, a slightly different approach that will take form very soon, but still the same old


Fitted Muse was brought in as a blog to show off my personal style and all my fashion & beauty favorites but that was never the end goal. The aim was always to be the young girls favorite inspiration site for all things fashion & beauty, hence the name.

We often hear people describe fashion as a reflection of their personality or a way to express and discover yourself. This is why I brought in – a place that inspires people to live their best lives, through fashion.
Without giving away too much, we’re working on creating stronger content for both fashion & beauty. Expect to see other faces apart from me, more ‘Fitted Muses’ who simply show dimensions of themselves through their style, more educational beauty content and exciting visuals!

I hope to continue inspiring and enlightening you, capturing more moments that will help you (and me) be your better fashionable self.

Turtleneck – Foshini / Pants – DMF
Images by: simzphoto

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4 responses to “FRESH START”

  1. Samantha says:

    The best thing I’ve seen on the internet today!! Perfection! Literally flawless

  2. Hannah Bagis says:

    Super excited to see what you do with this beautiful blog! Love the new look!!

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