You’re not ready for summer until you find the right pair of sunglasses. Whether it is a staple pair that you keep in heavy rotation or an over the top pair, sunglasses pretty much refresh your whole look.

Sunglasses are a necessary accessory, in fact they are the cure to all problems – hiding tired eyes, protection from UV damage and most importantly, perfect for people watching! But let’s be honest, style will always be the main reason why we wear sunglasses, as opposed to sun protection, so finding the perfect pair is somewhat ‘important.’

I picked up quite a number of sunglasses at Lentes & Marcos, three pairs to be exact. A pair of Mirrored lenses for eye-catching, brightening effects and two pairs of Chunky frames to keep as my staple pairs. Lentes & Marcos holds an amazing collection of sunglasses and at really affordable prices, so I took advantage of their current sale that allows you to buy one pair of sunglasses at FULL PRICE and get a FREE pair from the clearance sale stock. My eyewear collection is quite ready for the rest of the season at half the price.

With just the right pair, you’re guaranteed to look extremely stylish, even when you’re not trying to. And getting stylish sunglasses at an affordable price & high quality is a definite plus!


Sunglasses purchased at Lentes & Marcos (shop here)


In Collaboration with Lentes & Marcos

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8 responses to “SHADED”

  1. Gapi Ramatlhape says:

    I love sunglasses. Will go check Lentes and Marcos. Beautiful! I tell you

    • mphoxx says:

      Thank You! x
      You should definitely check it out before the end of November, take advantage of that sale before it ends 😉

  2. Koketso Kgwadi says:

    Love love this post! They have such stunning and affordable shades. I’m obsessed!

  3. Thando says:

    What are the price ranges and when does this sale end? Do they carry mens sunglasses as well?

    • mphoxx says:

      Hi Thando. They do carry mens sunglasses! The sale ends mid to end of November and Prices range from R400 to R600+

  4. Nonjabulo says:

    The glasses are amazing ..but they’re nothing compared to your skin . Gosh!!

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