Twice as much energy, cool and focused with a definite edge. The Joy Generator describes me perfectly and matches me with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Top Deck Mint.

My flavour match was spot on, the personality description of the flavour – a Mint Mix Maniac, matched me without fault. The mint represented on my favourite colours this season (army green) and also inspired this look.

For this look, I paired a pine green knit with black pleather jeans and bomber jacket, an obvious combination of colours for a look that is effortless, completing the look with a pair of pointed Chelsea boots to add a bit of edge – exactly how Top Deck Mint described.

A vending machine that matches you with the perfect Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour, sounds crazy but awesome and this is how you can discover which flavour you favour;

By attending any one of these activations to experience SA’s first Joy Generator and enjoying a free slab of chocolate!

Rosebank Mall: 18 – 22 May

Maponya Mall: 25 – 29 May

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre: 1 – 5 June

Gateway Mall: 8 – 12 June

Canal Walk: 15 – 19 June

               Or visiting to find your perfect chocolate match online.                           @Cadbury_SA on Twitter and Cadbury Dairy Milk SA on Facebook for more yummy information



A yummy Cadbury Dairy Milk hamper and an online shopping voucher worth R1000

Sounds great, right? YES! It could be yours!

All you have to do is:

Visit to find which flavour you favour,

comment below with your match and tell us if the flavour really favours you

IMG_9601Cadburymint IMG_9595 IMG_9617 IMG_9610

In Collaboration with Cadbury Dairy Milk

Fit Details

Pants – Mr Price / Short-sleeved Knit – C.O.S at 32 Clothing / Bomber Jacket – Stockroom in Braamfontein / Boots – H&M

Images by: Cyril Zuma

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20 responses to “MINT MIX MANIAC”

  1. Foyin Og says:

    I got Madly Mint, which is strange because although the caption described me, the flavour didn’t really! I’m more of the Cadbury biscuit fan!

  2. Megan Hartwig says:

    I am or my match is CASHEW AND COCONUT. The flavour really does favour me because I am definitely a loyal, happy and bubbly kind of person. Also I love Summer time, travelling and being around my friends. Would love this amazing prize…..fingers crossed 😉

  3. Minkxx says:

    My match is also the CASHEW AND COCONUT, that flavour does def favour me…
    some loving and loco vibes are what im about. i can already see myself spending that 1K voucher

  4. Taylor says:

    I am Madly Minty, the Mint Crisp chocolate. Hmm I’m not so sure lol!
    I’m not a bright character- I live in black clothes but I am kinda cool!!

  5. Sarah-Jane van Heerden says:

    My Match is top deck and this is so true, not only because I’m double trouble but this is definitely my favorite of all flavors, i love eating the brown milk chocolate first and then let the milk white chocolate melt in my mouth. I have a slab waiting at home for me, cant wait….7 months pregnant and craving my favorite favorite!

  6. Robyn says:

    I got Caramello Crazy…but any of them would’ve made a good match as I love everything Cadbury 🙂

  7. Tshepang says:

    I got Top Deck because apparently I’m double trouble, which is true. Sweet & demure on the one side but mischievous on the other! Fun game, lovely blog post x

  8. Masego says:

    I am Madly Minty☺️…Mint Crispit is my favourite.

  9. Rea says:

    I got Biscuit Besotted and YES YES YES!! Favours me perfectly. I am most definitely strong, ambitious and bold. Dreams so big they scare me daily. I can also be loud and I’m still rough around the edges. Don’t think that’ll ever change. I come with a wee bit of a bite Accurate too. Always have to watch out and hold my tongue. Those around me tend to help me out with that.
    This was fun. Lemme go grab a Cadbury Biscuit chocolate for breakfast. Shhh 😉

  10. Lesley-Ann van Schalkwyk says:

    Top Deck because I am double trouble, YING AND YANG Sweet AND demure on the one side but mischievous on the FLIPSIDE

  11. Bhongolethu tobela says:

    I got Notably Nutty and Tessa I love whole nut with all my heart… I a nuts person and I do go nuts over Cadbury every time

  12. Thato says:

    Top Deck and I are a perfect match because I’m so indecisive :’) never know whether to buy white or dark chocolate. The two flavours compliment my party hippy yo yo on a Friday night side and my zen on a Saturday afternoon side.

  13. Buhle says:

    my chocolate soulmate is CADBURY DAIRY MILK lol i am not sure about this my fav is Mint choc

    but the message is just on POINT!!!

    “They say I’m classic and timeless and others always know that with me, what you see is what you get. I always like to find beauty in the simpler things in life and really rather enjoy routine. I’m straight up, honest and to the point.”

  14. Lesego says:

    My match is Biscuit Besotted and it fits me perfectly. Sweet yet audacious I come with a bit of a crunch. I’m not as smooth as many but my crunch(boldness) is what makes me unique, unavoidable and definitely unforgettable.

  15. Keitumetsi says:

    Perfect Match is “Top Deck”
    Double-trouble honey. Definitely mischievous

  16. Natali Trepado says:

    My match was WHOLE NUT

    Witty, whimsical, and sometimes completely off-the-wall, I’m a typical joker, always looking for bit of fun. The one thing people can be sure of with me is that there’s always a funny – and sometimes punny – answer for everything.

    This couldn’t be more correct 😀 and Whole Nut is my Favourite <3

  17. Shani says:

    My flavour match was Dairy Milk 🙂

  18. Jo says:

    My flavour favour that really matched me was WHOLE NUT 😀

  19. Tholang says:

    My personal favorite and one flavor that definitely resonates with me

    I am a Biscuit Besotted

    I am strong, ambitious, bold and loud, and a wee bit rough around the edges. I certainly come with a bit of a bite, but – hey – that’s what really adds to my appeal.

  20. ragmat baron says:

    My match is Oreo Obsessed and it fits me so perfectly

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