The LBD, blue jeans with a white shirt, a red lip – these are all “tried and true classics” in the world of fashion and make up. In the world of skincare? I can only think of one thing; NIVEA Crème.

NIVEA Crème is the only skincare cream that has been softening skins of women since the beginning of time and is still doing so for most women today, it remains to be NIVEA’s signature product – it is truly iconic.

Many generations know and have used this tiny blue & white angel but do you know where it comes from or how it’s made? Here are a few interesting facts about this iconic tin:

Did you know… that the first NIVEA Crème was made in 1911?
The very first water-in-oil based emulsion was made in December 1911. The white crème pretty much defined the brand – the name NIVEA derives from the Latin word “nix, nivis” which means snow-white.

Did you know… that the first NIVEA Crème tin was not blue?
The original tin was yellow, decorated with fancy green art tendrils. The blue tin that we see today was designed and adopted in 1925 by former naval commander Juan G. Claussen who played a really big role in the iconic blue and white branding we know and love today.

Did you know… that the NIVEA Crème formula is unaltered?
The formula is essentially the same one from over a 100 years ago. The formula has never been changed or modified therefore keeping the same scent as the very first tins created. (No, really! Ask your grandma to smell it)

Did you know… how many NIVEA Crème tins are made in a day?
In Hamburg (NIVEA’s home) alone, more than 500 000 tins are manufactured a day? This adds up to over 100 million tins every year! So if all the tins ever produced were to be pilled up, by 2020 the stack would reach the moon – so they say.

This small round tin of white moisturizer and pure freshness is a tried & trusted classic. It’s been taking care of our hands and bodies for centuries and will continue to do so.


Product Price:

NIVEA Crème Tin: R32.99 for ml

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4 responses to “NIVEA CRÈME”

  1. Palesa says:

    I actually asked my grandmother and she told me about how they used to buy it at home (many years ago), it was really affordable. She still uses it today because it reminds her of her parent, she said: ‘it smells exactly the same and it reminds me of when my mom would moisturize my little feet when I was younger’
    – thanks Mpho for encouraging to ask my grandma about the creme because we ended up having an amazing conversation about the past!

    • mphoxx says:

      WOW!! That’s absolutely wonderful to hear. It’s crazy how the fragrance hasn’t changed all these years.

      – I’m glad I sparked an amazing chat between you and your grandmother. xx

  2. Kimberly says:

    We have the 1993 tin at home! It’s so cool with the little stamp

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