We hardly address issues regarding armpit care, we don’t want to speak too much of unpleasant wet patches and bad odours, therefore we often neglect proper care of the area.

As you already know, I use NIVEA all the time and that it is my most trusted skin and beauty care brand. So using NIVEA for my secret zone – the armpit area is a no brainer.

The armpit area is a very sensitive area, often we don’t know how to care for it. The area should look & feel smooth and dry. For women, the area should look soft and most importantly, hairless. My armpit area is extremely sensitive and it gets irritated really quickly, I can’t use just any underarm care products. I recently switched from different NIVEA products to NIVEA Protect & Care. It offers reliable 48-hour care and it is non-irritating – these were the 2 things I wanted to know first. The last thing I wanted to know about was the scent. It uses the ingredients of NIVEA Crème so it definitely has a precious, unique scent

Since it it ‘tank top’ season, I thought I would share some underarm care tips – proper underarm care is definitely not hard but putting that extra bit of effort will make you a whole lot more comfortable. Firstly, NEVER shave dry or without cream. It burns and leaves you with unsightly bumps that are uncomfortable to deal with. If you run out of cream, use conditioner. Prior to shaving, gently exfoliating the armpit area from time to time helps smooth out the area.

We encounter with people who have bad armpit odour more than we should and sometimes we encounter with them early in the morning, which leaves us very confused because mornings are when we should be feeling and smelling the most fresh. An effective combination of antiperspirant and deodorant can definitely keep your armpits dry and smelling fresh, no matter what you are doing.

UNCONVENTIONAL TIP: To get rid of dark armpits, rub a thick slice of lemon on the area. It removes dead skin cells and lightens the skin.

Product Prices:

NIVEA Protect & Care (Deodorant) – R28.95

NIVEA Protect & Care (Roll On) – R18.95

NIVEA Crème – (R19.95 – R29.95)


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6 responses to “NIVEA PROTECT AND CARE”

  1. Masego says:

    I use NIVEA men. I find it stronger and effective

  2. Lethabo says:

    My mom gave me a tip of using charcoal mask for the darkness. I haven’t used it but I’m definitely going to read up on it

  3. Josslyn says:

    Definitely Lemon! I had dark underarms and now, smooth and light as ever

  4. Kim says:

    I’m using that Nivea Protect and Care too. I love it – very effective

  5. Keletso says:

    I’ve been using the Protect & Care roll-on and I really do love it, it last the whole day. What are you using right now?

    My unconventional tip: lemon on dark armpits

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