“Moisturizer doesn’t just add water back into your skin, it also traps in the water you already have to plump it up and protect it.” 

Mona Gohara, a dermatologist at Yale University

There is absolutely no need for one to explain the importance of moisturising your body, it’s a given. We all know that daily moisturising is essential and there is no excuse for a person not to do it – if you’re not moisturising you skin, what are doing? 

Daily moisturising is essential to keeping skin looking smooth, youthful, and healthy as you age. Whether you’re looking to hydrate super parched skin, firm up aging skin, or are looking for a lotion with a little fragrance, there’s undoubtedly a lotion for you out there. 

Because the options are endless, it makes it understandably hard and overwhelming for us to find the right one to use daily. But, if you understand what your skin needs, it makes it a lot easier to choose. 

My skin is dry, especially during the winter. So, I know I need a lotion that is rich and extremely nourishing, but doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy, a lotion that locks in moisture and smooths & soothes my skin – this is why the NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Lotion is and will always be the best lotion for me. 

NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Lotion is a rich body lotion that nourishes dry to very dry skin with essential vitamins to leave it smooth and supple. The formula is enriched with almond oil and Hydra IQ to intensely moisturise and care for skin 24 hours a day. It restores and replenishes lost moisture, enhances the skin’s natural protective layer and prevents further moisture loss.

We all know and have probably used this NIVEA lotion before; The Rich Nourishing Body Lotion has been on the market since 1963 and, today, is South African woman’s favourite moisturising go-to product (myself included). But why do so many of us love this lotion so much? Because it is as great as it claims to be – it leaves the noticeably smooth upon first application, it spreads easily onto the skin and feels sensationally light, absorbing instantly.

Because of the success of the Rich Nourishing Body Lotion, NIVEA stepped it up by improving the formulation to offer us even better product. NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Lotion now contain NIVEA Deep Moisture Serum. The formulas now effectively locks in moisture in the deeper skin layers for 48 hours and provides the skin with incredibly smooth and moisturised results around-the-clock. Efficacy that not only equals intensive hydration but also a gorgeous rich glow for all skin tones. 

And this is why this is the only lotion that matters to me.

What body lotion are you using? Have you tried the new and improved Rich Nourishing 48H body lotion?

NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Lotion

R38.99 for 250 ml bottle, R49.99 for 400 ml bottle, R74.99 for 625ml bottle | Available from leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide.

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