Living in the city is an amazing experience; the energies are inspirational, the features are ‘unique’ and the people are exciting.

I lived in the suburbs all my life but opted for the city life immediately after I moved out of home. The choice was always based on conveniency, because everything in the city is within easy access – from transportation to dining options, this is what mattered most to me when I moved here. While conveniency is the reason why I’m still here, it is the energy in this place that keeps me excited.

Cities buzz with energy, I love it! Where I live, there are always people around doing something and that can be exciting and often inspirational.  The young entrepreneurs using coffee shops as their mobile offices, the cool kids doing what cool kids do, the friends catching up for “lunch” – it’s all so beautiful to look it! Much like the city backdrop.
The city backdrop has to be one of my favorite things to look at. The skyscrapers, the lights, the serene beauty of the concrete jungle – I love the beauty of it all, so much that if I could do one thing for the rest of my life it would be traveling around the world to see the best city skylines that always appear on the Internet, but for now I will appreciate the Johannesburg skyline for as long as I can and continue to feel like I am ‘on top of the world.’

We can all argue that living in the city makes one tired, the noise and dash can all get a bit too much especially when you are there 24/7, it is a lot to take in. As much I love the honking of cars, staring at skyscrapers or historic buildings and the hurry pace of life, I sometimes do miss the quietness and a beautiful, green scenic backdrop. 

Jeans – Trenery / Turtleneck – Unknown / Boots – Trenery / Belt – Unknown
Images By: @simzphoto

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  1. Simz says:

    Great working with you!

  2. Lesego says:

    Woow. Well written??

  3. Boitumelo says:

    You’re beautiful!!!!!

  4. Lesedi says:

    yasss! Serve me i’m your platter

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