noun: versatility
ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

Smart and spontaneous styling is important to most people, especially when it comes to investment pieces. The idea of buying one thing and having it transcend and be useful in many areas of your life, that is versatility.

When we pick out what we’re buying, we buy with the goal to get wear and value from that item. With most investment pieces, we often find ourselves asking questions like; can I style this in different ways? Can I only use this for various occasions? Or even, can I post this twice on Instagram without people noticing that I wore this last week?
Versatile Fashion means getting more with less, being able to put together 2/3 outfits using the same pair of pants or in my case the same dress, doing that starts with fabrication; Fabric plays a big part in versatility. There are some fabrics that just aren’t versatile. Take a wool dress for instance, the likelihood that you will dress it up to a cocktail event is fairly low, whereas a solid dress in a fabric that isn’t strictly daytime look can be worn in multiple parts of your life, much like this pleated polyester dress that I’m wearing – the fabrication allows for various wears to various occasions.

There is a notion that the more simple the piece, the easier it will be to style it in different ways. However, this isn’t always the case. More novelty  pieces can be just as versatile as a style that is more classic or timeless – take this Revolt Clothing dress for instance. A blush pink dress with short sleeves for hot Summer days, and shortened lining (to reveal some leg).

Look 1: Dress and Sneakers


If you spent your childhood in a pair of Converse or even Nike Air Force 1s, you already know, the right pair of sneakers can make statement. You also know that sneakers can be the difference between a basic or effortlessly stylish look. One more thing that you already knew is that summer dresses, breezy maxis, long/mini skirts all work with sneakers – they’re completely different style but they work, you definitely know this. The feminine and masculine styles of wearing dresses/skirts with sneakers create an on-trend look, you look & feel comfortable and you ready to go.
For a daytime look; I paired my pink dress with matching pink NMDs because well, it just works. My feet are thanking me, I’m ready to go run my errands and I feel & look effortlessly chic.

Look 2: Dress over Pants (Jeans)


The streets of fashion week have proven once again that dresses can definitely be worn over your pants/jeans. This modern look is surprisingly easy to pull of, all you need to focus on is playing with the right textures, pairing the right silhouettes together and you’re good to go. Not only does it give off a cool tomboy contrast, your legs are kept warm (warmer than what tights try to do).
For a early evening look; I paired my pink dress with slightly baggy dark Levis jeans for a more feminine (yet masculine) look and a pair of blush pink heels to elongate my legs.

Dressing up for different occasions doesn’t have to be daunting especially when you can buy 2 outfits for 1. When you have to change up your outfit in just seconds – going from day to night, versatile pieces are really your bestfriend!
Which look do you prefer, running errand downtime cool or sophisticated dinner time? Let me know below!

Look 1: Dress – Revolt Clothing / Shoes – adidas NMD
Look 2: Dress – Revolt Clothing / Jeans – Levis (via Denim Palace) / Shoes – The Fix

Images by: simzphoto



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  1. Orapeleng says:

    I’m loving look 2!!! I thought jeans and dresses looked weird but I really love that look!!!

  2. Palesa says:

    I really love these looks! Wouldn’t have thought of look 2!

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