Summer feels good; the warm weather, the beautiful skies and the feel of the sun on your face. Everyone loves it but with warm weather comes unpleasant side effects such as increased sunburn, acne on the face and body, heat exhaustion et cetera. This summer, I leaned towards the ‘acne breakout’ end of the spectrum.

It is very common for people to get affected by summer acne due to the scorching sun, excessive heat and humidity during hotter days. Why does this happen? The heat and humidity intensify oil production, which in acne prone individuals often means more breakouts. While some individuals get more breakouts, those who have inflammatory acne are most likely to see their acne improve – meaning the heat favours you in this situation. But if you’re like me and the heat chooses not to favour you, summer time seems rather gloomy.

By the 1st of December 2017, my skin was at its worst. My blackheads (and whiteheads) were uncontrollable and my forehead was filled with tiny acne breakouts. I was having a tough time with my summer acne and it stressed me out, which prolonged the breakout. After worrying for quite sometime, I decided to get up and do something about it, this is when I put the Celltone Scientific Spot Control Range to the test and IT WORKED.

The Celltone Spot Control range is focused on maintaining the health and integrity of the skin ensuring the pH of the skin is low so an environment for unhealthy germ growth is not created – acne included, so I had to try it. What attracted me to trying this range out the most were its claims for soothing the skin, refining pores and providing hydration while reducing oil. Not only were the claims attractive, the ingredients were spot on; in order for one to treat acne, cleansers that have antibacterial properties such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil are your best bet and this range had just that — a powerful cocktail of salycylic acid, niacinimide (Vitamin B3), sarcosine and tea tree oil, I knew right there that this range may just be what my skin needed.

For a full month, I put this range to the test and this is what I have to say:
The Spot Treatment Cleanser: This is a gentle face wash formulated to cleanse the skin of excess oil and grime without excessive drying. The cleanser prevents clogging of pores which is a huge plus because clogged up pores are breeding place for bacteria which becomes the cause of acne and pimple on the skin. My only problem with this cleanser is the gel, it slips away from my hands very quickly which can become annoying (and wasteful).
The Spot Treatment Tone: Toning is a step that I usually skip as I do not like the uncomfortable tight feeling that most toners leave me with. However, I do understand the importance of toning and I usually recommend it. The purpose of toning is to balance the pH of your skin and this Celltone toner does that – it is mild, alcohol-free, tightens pores, limits the growth of breakout forming germs and the spray bottle packaging is perfect.
The Spot Treatment Moisturiser: This moisturiser doesn’t necessarily stand out for me and doesn’t feel like anything special or different from any of the moisturisers I usually use. It is non-greasy, hydrating and reduces shine – just like most moisturisers.
Intensive Spot Control Serum and Spot Control Blitzer: Both these booster treatments work really well when applied directly to spots/breakouts. The Blitzer can be applied as often as needed as it works to dry out and quickly reduce spots.

Throughout the month and into the new year, I have seen a huge difference with my summer skin. My blackheads are still troubling me [I should probably go for an extraction] however my forehead is acne free, I haven’t experienced any other breakouts and old dark marks are disappearing, which I am extremely happy about! So would I recommend this Spot Control range to anyone? Yes, (if you can afford it) because it works like a charm.

Between the sun, the hot & humid weather, and all those sweat-inducing outdoor activities, acne breakouts should be the last thing one should worry about (trust me!) hence preventing them is the better option. Summer Acne is easily prevented, sometimes treated, by; fighting it from within meaning eating better, staying hydrated, washing your bed sheets regularly and most importantly, having a consistent skin routine.

Celltone Scientific Spot Control Range:
Celltone Spot Treatment Cleanser (R199.90)
Celltone Spot Treatment Toner(R199.90)
Celltone Spot Treatment Moisturiser (R199.90)
Celltone Spot Blitzer (R149.90)
Celltone Intensive Spot Control Serum (R599.90).

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