Denim, a wardrobe staple and a girl’s best friend or maybe even more than that. On a day where you want to lay around, do nothing and just be pretty, you can always count on a good pair of jeans.

If there was any piece in our wardrobes we couldn’t live without, it will certainly be a pair of jeans or just denim in general. Skinny or boyfriend jeans, denim shirts, denim jackets – anything denim really and we have Jacob Davis and Levis Strauss to thank for inventing the world’s best piece of clothing in 1873.

But why do we love denim so much? The first reason would be because of how versatile it is. Denim goes with absolutely everything, from jeans and skirts to denim shirts and jackets, they look great paired with any item in your wardrobe. Denim is also suitable for almost every occasion, whether you wear it to work or on a day off where you’re not doing much, it just works. I spent my free time in a double denim ensemble – kicked off my shoes, jumped on the couch and caught up on the latest fashion news and trends in a comfortable denim combo.

A pair of jeans paired with a denim shirt is no longer seen as a bold & unfamiliar look, in fact denim on denim is a no-brainer. With the right shades and denim pieces, anyone can pull off the perfect Double Denim look.

Here’s a fun fact: Blue jeans were banned at certain places in the 50s because they were seen as a form of rebellion.


Fit Details:

Denim Shirt – Forever New / Jeans – Foschini / Watch – Casio at Superbalist

Images by Kamogelo Molokwane


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