If there is an essential top for cold weather season, it is without a doubt a turtleneck. Some refer to it as a roll neck or a polo neck but for the majority of us, this cozy piece of knitwear is affectionately known as the turtleneck. 

Where did these things come from?

Before the turtleneck was an announcement of chicness, it was all about simply being a warm, sensible garment for athletes, the English polo players wore what was known as ‘polo neck’ sweaters in the mid-1800s. Fast forward to the late 1960’s and 70’s, the turtleneck was naturally adopted by people in the rising political movements, the Black Panthers. After the turtleneck had its heyday on revolutionaries and innovative artists, it went into a bit of a hiding in 1980’s, the turtleneck just didn’t really fit in with the glitz & glamour and the shoulder pads. But definitely did in 90’s – it became an obvious basic and uniform for radical academics, philosophers, artists and intellectuals [insert image of Steve Jobs here]. 

Decades later, turtlenecks are now basics again, autumn/winter uniform if we could put it that way. They are now on runways, AW street style basics, on red carpets, on men and women, and maybe on you right now, if it’s winter where you are. 

Personally, I despised turtlenecks when I was younger, it’s all my mother would make me wear during the cold season and I hated it. But now, it’s all I want to wear during that season! It is its simple design that snuggles my neck and frames my face, its ability to make me look effortlessly chic, no matter how I wear it, that I love so much! 

3 ways to wear this winter staple this year

Under a summer dress:Don’t pack away your summer dresses just yet. Take you sleeveless or short sleeve dress into winter with a turtleneck – especially in a matching monochrome side. It adds a cozy-casual vibe and yet the extra neck coverage keeps it feeling polished & chic.

Under a skirt-suit:Think Cher Horowitz in Clueless, but with the addition of thick black tights and a turtleneck for winter. 

As a replacement for your white tee:There’s no outfit combination more classic than a pair of blue jeans, a white tee and a pair of black (ankle) boots. When it gets colder the white tee falls out and the turtleneck comes in full force. 

Turtlenecks have been around for years and have been consistently worn by the masses as part of a casual wardrobe, though they fell out of favor for a while being associated with 80s and 90s fashion. Turtlenecks are now back with a vengeance and the only chic item everyone (men and women) should have in the winter closets.

Details:  Turtleneck – Foschini / Pants – Trenery / Boots – Superbalist

Images by: Simzphoto

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