Have you been wondering why everyone is wearing these long, fun and flowy sleeve things? Well, designers and style-setters are continuing to take on this dramatic fashion statement that is the bell-sleeve silhouette.

Those flowy sleeve things are called bell sleeves or flared sleeves – they are basically bell bottoms but on the arms, the sleeves are fitted until a certain part of the arm and then flared out in an enthral bell shape, in fact this silhouette has been around for quite some time, maybe a decade or more.

‘Flare sleeves’ were introduced by Japanese Women back in the Heian period (794 – 1192, a very long time ago) and in the 13th to 17th century, “hanging sleeves” as they were called were very popular – they were basically bell sleeves in cape form. Moving into the 1970s, singer Stevie Nicks started wearing the bell sleeves that we love and adore today. Today, we wear bell sleeves that are more tailored and not as melodramatic as they were back then. We incorporate several trends into the bell-sleeve, a popular silhouette is the off-the-shoulder bell sleeve top – much like the one I’m wearing.

This top silhouette is definitely the best way for you to kick up the coolness, notice-me factor in your wardrobe. Bell sleeves are bold, they are statement-making details that will definitely turn heads everywhere

Fit Details

Bell-sleeve top – Forever New / Pants – Morgan at DMF / Shoes – Rubi Shoes

Images by: Kamogelo Molokwane

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  1. Pabi says:

    Now I’m not a fan of bell bottoms, but bell sleeves, literally, in love, i need more tops like this. <3

  2. Lesego says:

    You look regal girl. I love the top.

  3. Azania says:

    Very informative post and you look great 🙂

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