Polo necks, turtle necks, roll necks – whatever you call it and however you style it, they are among the most essential wardrobe staples that one can possibly own.

Turtlenecks used to be those items that your parents forced onto you as a child, to keep every part of your body warm during winter, but they are now free from that ridiculous stigma and have graced the runways again. They are extremely versatile and look chic with almost everything, from trousers to basic denim and even dresses.

They also have different names that vary from country to country and some of the common necks include The Cowl Neck, one of favourites. It is usually thicker and loose fitting with a big and long neck area, basically a built-in scarf. Wear it over a button-down shirt or pair them with a mini skirt or jeans, cowl necks are casual and chic.

Turtlenecks have moved away from their old nerdy stigma and transformed into a must-have item for the cold season. They are also not hard to style but if you need tips, Blogger Thithi Nteta has them all!

Watch her video here and learn how to style the turtleneck with some of your favourite summer staples.

Images by: Kamogelo Molokwane


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  1. Stella says:

    You’re absolutely gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing that summer staples link!

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